This morning as I was journaling I was telling Christ how insufficient I feel working with a couple of the new counseling cases. There was a new young man last night and I have a new one this morning. In both cases I have known their families for many years. The needs represented are ones I know, and also know how difficult and impossible they are to deal with in the flesh. With all of this in my mind, I was journaling this to God. I also wrote that when I was working with the issues in the educational world I had a confidence in what I did. I have none of that now. It is no surprise that Christ’s response was that this is exactly where He wanted me to be. HE is the Great Healer–not me. I know that but I still look to what I know to give assistance to what I do. In this case, I know God is the Great Healer and He wants me to put this into what I do by believing it and trusting it.

In talking to one of the two retired counselors last night, she told me that in all of her 40 years of counseling she has never seen so many men come forth seeking help. Even with the male counselors she worked with, most of their clients were women. She said this is a genuine indication of God working. As I put this together I know that if God is working bringing forth these men, I can fully trust Him to complete this work through His use of me. This is so humbling. I cannot thank Him enough for taking this man who kept himself in hiding, and using him for His Work. To God be all GLORY!

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