This journey of mine is keeping me focused on being a new creation in ways I never dreamed. I’ve always stumbled around the topics of soul and spirit and which is which as far as desires go, etc. In my journaling today I was writing about this. In doing some research I find that soul is of my flesh and the house of my senses. Spirit is inanimate where soul is animate. Spirit is also what we can surrender to The Holy Spirit and in so doing receive the “power to overcome” the sinful desires of our flesh/soul. This is why in yesterday’s blog it is so important to be conscious of taking Jesus/The Holy Spirit into every action we take as well as thoughts where we might want to linger. The idea that I would take Jesus into these areas is revolting when I actually stop and try to picture such a thing.

What’s even more remarkable about all of this is that when we take the opportunity to address our spirit rather than soul desires, God has so much more opportunity to reveal Himself to us. I find myself questioning nudges much less and I also find that nudges come more frequently and I trust them where before this year I’d question them and often leave them there with the question.

I know the learning of living as a new creation will last as long as I’m alive in my flesh. Yet, today I enjoy living so much more knowing what God is teaching me.

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