In yesterday’s blog I wrote at the end that I am enjoying living so much more because of what God is teaching me. What struck me this morning as I’ve been in His Word is that before God teaches, He reveals. When He reveals it is then that the desire to be taught comes. As I begin to reflect on this one thing my mind races into this present journey, my learning of being a new creation.

From the time I accepted Christ into my life as a boy of 10 or 11, I’ve been made aware that I’m a new creation. When I was in college I attended an event where the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross was made abundantly clear and I wept and wept for many hours, well beyond the event itself. I just couldn’t fathom Christ doing this for all of mankind–especially me. I wanted to live for Him in such a way that I would be worthy of such a Gift. To receive the Gifts of Him were too much for me to fathom due to my unworthiness–my uncleanness.

This morning’s devotional messages were very clear about Christ’s Gifts of Mercy and Grace and what that looks like to a new creation. I felt God asking me to open myself and allow His Holy Spirit to offer these Gifts He has to offer me. My first part is to accept them–receive them for His Son Jesus within me has made me clean and worthy. As this is revealed I can now be taught–I can be a learner of what a new creation receives. Oh my goodness!

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