Today I finished the book of Revelation. As it concludes we are reminded to not add anything to it or to take anything away from it. It is overwhelming in its content. I do believe all of it but can hardly fathom what the reality of it coming to fruition will be like. The big item for me right now is to not try and put a timeframe around it. God’s timing is perfect and it sure doesn’t fit with man’s selfish timing.

Today I ponder, (yet know my pondering needs to focus me on Jesus Christ within me), how one helps a struggling believer? Last night a man who recently moved here and came to Celebrate Recovery called me. He has struggles I know well but he is lost in them as I use to be. Finding the freedom I know today has taken me a lifetime. He is much younger than me and wants to know freedom, but FEARS the steps he would need to take. And I know fear! This is one of the times I would like to put a timeframe around his moving forward. Yet, I know to trust God’s timing and I put him into God’s timeframe. My role is to give assistance as God opens each door for it, responding to His nudges rather than my emotions. The Holy Spirit is good at helping me separate the two.

Our world is so full of hurt and how sin glorifies itself in it. Being a vessel of God’s Light which heals and restores is something I never want to question. Today I TRUST God!

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