Today is a somber one. It is the graveside service and then celebration of life for the secretary I had the first 20 years of my career. She was the mom to two sons of birth, but she always said I was given to her as her oldest son. I didn’t contest this for she was truly a mom for me in so many ways. She set me on a path of success I would never have known otherwise. She helped me find confidence when it waned (which was often in my early years). I have the honor of singing a couple songs which were some of favorites. I’ll do this as a duet for which I’m grateful. Singing solo would just be too emotional. How I loved this dear lady–Wanda Allington.

Yesterday I was able to talk with my sis Bonnie who is in the hospital where she lives in California. She’s in so much pain. I grieve for her with this. Her body is suffering so much and the doctors can’t give too much pain meds for her organs can’t handle them. She needs comfort from above. Along with this I have a niece who is in the hospital locally suffering from the cancer treatment for lung/thyroid/liver cancer. All of this along with Wanda’s service makes me throw up my hands and know only God can deal with this and the beauty is–He Wants To. I can surrender these dear ladies to Him and know only in His Ways are they protected and cared for.

Being at the age I am, there is much more suffering, and death is much more common. I know to release this truth to Jesus Christ trusting the door of death to eternity. It is just emotionally painful to be part of the physical suffering. Thank You Jesus for being the Savior to these dear ladies!

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