Every morning I am inspired by what God has to say to me through the channels of devotion. It is as though God orchestrates every aspect of the devotions to address exactly what I need for starting the day. Today was no exception. I’ve always loved starting the day with the personal contact with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Now that I know them so much more intimately, I relish this time even more. What I keep growing in understanding is the flip of the coin for this intimate relationship. I am utterly amazed how much THEY relish me and spending time with me. It isn’t just the devotional time, They want me to be in spiritual contact with them throughout the day. I’m beginning to find the reality of this more and more throughout the day. I find myself reaching to them.

The counseling ministry is a good reason for much of my learning to reach out. I find myself preparing for sessions, but in the session God’s Holy Spirit just takes over. It is simply humbling, yet rewarding, to be serving God in this capacity. I’ve spent years getting my own help, I’m so grateful to be able to share the wealth of love God has provided me with others who aren’t there yet.

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