Last night was our weekly Celebrate Recovery. I had thought it was testimony night and I’d tied a devotional message to read during worship to it. However, the message of the night had been adjusted due to one giving the testimony. Thus, we had a lesson–Sanity. That turned out to be just what I needed to hear. These are never new messages, but the content within the lesson always brings insights which one needs at the moment. The one for me is the definition for Insanity: “…doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

Temptations are the natural part of living in our flesh. Maybe women are wired the same, but I do know that every man I’ve ever talked with will say their pride keeps them from wanting to admit they have a struggle, particularly when they’ve already confessed it and moved on in their life. This is me! I know the steps to take when I’m tempted–walk away from it, call/text my sponsor, etc. However, fighting it with my own strength is always my first attempt. It is such a natural thing to do–I think. When I heard last night’s lesson I was nudged with the reminder to take heed to it.

This morning’s devotion said it well, “When you feel pain, anger, hurt, or any negative emotions, lean in to me and bring that pain with you. Don’t dismiss your reactions to life’s uncomfortable moments. Together, we will get to the root of what’s triggering you so you can find freedom from its crippling efforts. I am the God of wholeness–mind, body and soul….” So, rather than fight, “lean in”. I loved this message.

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