There really is something amazing about being a new creation. Instead of reading the bible as a book God gave each of us to read and obey, it has become a book which describes God’s heart for you and me. Instead of the bible being a book to obey, it has become the book of inspiration and motivation. It tells how to bring joy to our Heavenly Father through the modeling of His Son Jesus. He’s even given us His Holy Spirit within us to nudge us when we are to take a step or to not take this particular step. (There’s so much more The Holy Spirit does but these are two examples of Him within us.)

There is such peace and joy that comes from growing in my relationship with God, His Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit now knowing I’m a new creation. It has taken me a lifetime of experiences to come to this place and it has been worth all of it as I live within God’s transforming love.

This opportunity is available for each one of us. Don’t believe the lies Satan puts in your mind as I did for so long. Replace them with God’s Words of Truth for He created you and me in His likeness, not that of Satan.

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