As I got to the rehearsal last night, our director complimented me for having all of my parts down. Well, of course, as last night took place, I got to a line where my mind was blank–what do I say here??? So much for having it down! One just can’t be too confident.

It seems to be a daily thing that I need to be refocused on praising God rather than complaining to Him. I started out this morning journaling to Jesus telling Him my concerns and my weaknesses along with my selfishness. When I was done and asked Him what He wanted me to know for today, He wasn’t quiet about the reminder of praising Him instead of complaining to Him. Yesterday’s telling me this seemed to be only good for yesterday. I needed this again today. Breaking an old–very old habit of worry/angst over details out of my control and even some I don’t control well, is not easy. But, I do say that when I turn this around and praise Jesus for what He’s going to do with these details ahead of time, the angst disappears and I have this sense of assurance that all will be just fine. Let it go!

I don’t know what I’d do if God weren’t so patient with me/us. His Grace and Love are so superior to that of the world. How I love and thank Him for this!

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