The first program presentation is past. Just as God wants, the people laughed abundantly, shed tears and found tremendous JOY in the production. It felt good to know this and hear it from the halls where we waited for our next entrance. As I sat down with my coffee to start my journaling this morning I wanted to write–only two more times and then it’s done. However, Jesus had a different message He wanted me to hear from Him. It was, “It is time to lift your eyes from yourself and see my greater purpose for this program.”

When I wrote this message down I knew God wanted me to awaken to the truth that His new creations do not need to focus on “protecting” themselves. I have been allowing myself to live in that victim mentality. Yes, learning to live as a new creation–knowing as well as believing–is learning to trust. The preparations are over. It is time now to live in the purpose of the program, trusting God to complete what He inspired someone to write–letting people see a genuine Christmas program that brings honor and glory to our Savior and Lord–Jesus Christ–Son of the Most High GOD!

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