Yesterday, late afternoon, I was able to observe a counseling session that enlightened me. The session was with one of the two “guinea pigs” the skilled counselor I have been observing since last June, was having. The technique she was going to use in the session was new to me and it was addressing a traumatic event in the counselee’s life. The counselee is someone I’ve known for years and I’d asked him to be one of the guinea pigs for our new counseling program. He was glad to do so he said.

In the session I was introduced to what’s called a grounding technique. It can be used when one is going into a stressful or unknown event which seems threatening. In my own counseling of past I would be told to go to “my safe place” when I needed to relax. The grounding seemed different. It is a place where you feel confident and assured that all will be just fine. Getting that mindset in place allows one to not go into that panic mode of thinking/reacting.

I was pleased to experience this, not only for my own use with other counselees, but for me personally. My grounding point takes me to Jesus Christ. When I think I’m entering into an event or stressful time, remembering when Jesus was with me in a different time, but nonetheless, stressful and unknown, I can be assured He is with me now. It calms me and I can go knowing He is not only present, but the outcome will be to His Glory and Honor. I want to put this into practice into my daily living.

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