Proverbs 12:28 says in part, “Abundant life is discovered by walking in righteousness….” I had to stop and reread this a couple of times and then highlight it in my Bible. Abundant is the first of the words which stood out to me. As I’ve gotten to the age I am now I’ve adjusted what abundant means to me. As a young husband it was all about having enough income to support my wife and start a family. Teaching is not an occupation considered to be abundant in income. As I’ve entered into the “retirement years” abundant has changed a good deal. The income side is there, but “meaningful” and “purposeful” are now drivers. I wanted these to be my drivers when I was young, but having a sufficient income always interfered it seems.

The latter part of verse says that abundant life is discovered by walking in righteousness. As a young man I focused on abundant life through income and hoping I was teaching as God would want and doing what I should at church for Him. I recognize so much more clearly that righteousness is found by surrender of self and walking in faith. Income will be there, meaningfulness and purposefulness will be completed if I am surrendered to God and following His Spirit’s nudges throughout each and every day.

Is Christ seen through me? That’s my question and obedience is the response I want to give Him.

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