It is now the day after. Yesterday’s service for Debbie Wolfe was one of the nicest, finest celebrations of life I’ve ever witnessed. The church poured out their love for her family members and the family itself did a wonderful job expressing their own love. It was a moment in time to treasure. Following the service and the fellowship time , the family gathered at Debbie and Dwight’s home to continue connecting with one another. God was greatly glorified and a servant who loved Him well was honored.

I’m always touched and amazed when I see God at work. It seems most, if not all, families have their areas of dispute. However, God is never glorified until these disputes are addressed and settled. Some of that took place during this time and I love seeing this. How God uses all things to soften the hearts of His kids is something to behold. Helping His kids to express this heart softening is another tremendous miracle. Only God knows how to do this with His children. I know He will use this time to grow His kids too. What a loving Father we all have!

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