I don’t know how often you get to see God at work, but when it happens it is simply amazing. A couple I’ve known for several years has begun to have some marital counseling regarding a couple of issues which had arisen in their marriage. I wasn’t sure I was the right person to provide the counsel but their schedule only fit with mine.

Last night we tackled one of the issues causing the deepest distress. In so doing some very ugly things were brought forth. Some of these were fears and some were built on actual facts. As I probed with each one to go as deeply as possible into root causes with the other member listening for understanding, I was wondering if this hour was only going to end with greater grief. I had said a silent prayer for God’s 2-edged sword of Light to penetrate this darkness. All of a sudden what was being shared did exactly what was needed. It shed the Light of Truth. The one party began to cry with relief. They understood.

Later in the evening I received a text from one of them telling me they had a very nice evening following up the session. The darkness, the bitterness, the division that Satan’s deceptions cause are only penetrated by God’s Sword of The Spirit of Truth. It was so nice to see this take place for this couple. What a humbling honor to be able to witness God at work in this way.

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