As I was journaling this morning I asked Jesus, as I do each day, what He wanted me to know from Him for today? The first thing I heard from Him was the reminder that He is Almighty God. Then secondly, He asked me if I heeded His message during the day as I do the beginning of the day? This question hit home for me.

At the beginning of each day I am tuned into God. I am journaling, reading the devotionals and then reading His Word–the Bible. Afterwards, I pray through my prayer list. As I journal I anticipate hearing God’s Voice and writing His message in my journal. How well I listen to God’s nudges once I leave my devotional time and enter into the day itself, well, I see how different I am. At the start I am anticipating His Voice, afterwards I hope I might hear from Him when things get tough or sticky. Otherwise, I simply take care of things on my own. When I get tempted I always hear a Voice reminding me to step away. It’s at these times I know I am to obey, but the temptation seems harmless–Ha Ha!

God’s question this morning reminded me that I need to be as diligent during the day as I am as I start the day. I’m not to be an obedient, new creation only at the start of the day. God wants me heeding Him and His Spirit’s guidance throughout the day. The need to grow in my walk with God never ends. How grateful I am for a God who loves and cares so much for me and each one of us.

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