Today I go with my two local brothers to visit our 4th one. He has some troubling items and we want to help with them, if possible. It is difficult to write about this because it is too so close to home. This brother struggles with some emotional issues that look way too much like our father. It is easy to step back and let him suffer because these emotional issues can attack and hurt like dad’s did. However, the three of us are sensing the same motivation from God’s Holy Spirit–go and offer help/mercy.

Many years ago–about 20 or so, I was denied an opportunity from my school district superintendent which hurt me deeply. I don’t usually feel vengeful, but this time I did. The school year had ended and I was attending a meaningful conference in Boise, ID and taking a teacher who taught for me. In the ride over I shared this issue with her. She asked me if I’d prayed a blessing for my superintendent following the words of Paul in Romans 12:14? Of course I hadn’t, but the next morning I did and continued to do so for a few weeks. This act brought about great healing for me in my spirit.

My brother has voiced some hurtful things for which in times past I’d stuff them and chalk them up to “being like dad”. We are going today to offer him a blessing instead. God is so AMAZING!

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