God’s timing is always perfect and yesterday was another example of this. The meeting I referenced in yesterday’s entry was a genuine answer to prayer. It didn’t just take care of the problem, it even identified some root causes for the problem’s existence which also was addressed. I love how God works!

The older I get the more I see my sinfulness and my inability to do anything about it except surrender it. One of the ugliest natures of sin is self-reliance–I can do this. Well, no I can’t. Fighting sin on our own only leads to more sin until we are trapped within it. I see this and hear it in our Celebrate Recovery sessions as well as in the counseling ones. I also recognize this tendency within myself. For so much of my life I tried to keep all of my past a secret and sheltered from the community. I had my own reasons (fears) for doing this. Keeping secrets led to other issues like pornography and lying. Then pride keeps us from wanting to open up about it, etc. Then, when one finally does surrender, the LIGHT brilliantly shines through. One wonders why he kept this so long within himself?

Choosing to face sin with confession (surrender) is humbling, but so rewarding. How I encourage ones to see this and take the risk of telling/confessing/surrendering. The benefits are so eternally rewarding and others are then also help.

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