God is so GOOD! One of the other counselors is able to see the family I wrote about yesterday. God knows best!

Two weeks ago I had started a group for men struggling with sexual addiction or pornography. There was a young man who wanted to join it but in both of the first two sessions he kept having excuses/reasons he couldn’t attend. He had indicated his interest, but…. After the second absence I told him he’d need to wait until we did a session again since it is only a 6 week group. Last Sunday I got a text from him asking to please reconsider. He’d meet me this week whenever I had the time. He had the week off.

Yesterday we met for two hours and it was so informative. He knew intuitively that he needed the group, but as for most men, he just couldn’t bring himself to admit the need. The two hours were very helpful for him to see that the course didn’t add to his shame, but actually turned the “shame” he felt into a learning time where he could get accountability and support and find God’s healing and help.

I love watching how God works with each of us. I wonder why I get concerned and worry about these things? It is then that Jesus reminds me I’m still of the flesh and He is the One He wants me relying on–not myself. Boy, I sure have to have this lesson a LOT of times!

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