For the past 6 months I’ve been driving weekly to a town 25 minutes away meeting with a gentleman who had had a nervous breakdown. God has used that event to show him it was safe and good to open the door to secrets of childhood abuse he had buried for 70 years thinking he was somehow protecting himself. It is amazing how God takes a broken individual and over time brings out the actual gifts He gave him so many years ago. It is so easy today to see humor, kindness and gentleness naturally coming forth as well as wisdom and thinking skills. Prior to this time he had lived in a shell where these characteristics were almost nonexistent.

I remember when my counselor told me I would know when I no longer needed counseling because I’d be able to use the techniques I’d learned to address what life was giving me in the present. I could do this on my own without the assistance of the counselor. I see this happening for this gentleman and it is a joy to watch. God is so AMAZING!

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