Yesterday I wrote about the ones coming for counsel and I know their spouses. I also wrote what I had heard from God when I asked Him what He wanted me to know for today. In the afternoon I had a meeting with the two counselors working in the program with me. Both of them are retired licensed counselors. I asked them if they had tools addressing the issues I had described. They did have some and are bringing them to me today as today is the day when all three of us are counseling together.

This morning I was thanking God for yesterday’s help and He brought something to mind I needed to hear and put into my daily living. He reminded me that the ones coming for counsel, I am to do just that–counsel. The ones connected to those coming, such as the spouse, I am to pray for them. This much I have been doing. However, my praying for them was more of a release of responsibility for I felt helpless. God’s message to me was a reminder that when I pray I am to believe, trusting that God is at work. I’m helpless for a good reason–I’m not the one to provide help. It is sad for me to admit, but most of the time my prayers have been ones of release only.

As I have reflected this morning on the significance of trusting and believing while I pray, there is an assurance God gives my spirit that I have not had. Boy, did I need today’s message!

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