Today is my middle daughter’s birthday. I had gone to school that morning and was teaching a lesson when the principal walked into my room and pulled me aside. She said I needed to head home, my wife was in labor. About 4 hours later Amber was with us. That moment was the start of a blessing that has kept on giving. How I love her!

As I was logging in to write today’s entry, I read the previous day before beginning to write. I had just finished praying over the ones on my prayer list which include the ones written about yesterday. In the process of this my phone dinged a message. As I looked at it I could see it was from one of the very people I had just prayed for. They were asking for prayer. Sometimes God’s timing is so stunning I just sit and marvel at it.

God is endlessly at work and we get to see a very small portion of it. I sure want to learn to trust the immense amount of His Work that I never see. In our human life, trusting is spiritually seeing and I need this reminder so frequently. Oh what a blessed Savior and Lord we get to serve!

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